The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 677 Manipulative B*tch

Chapter 677 Manipulative B*tch

Xandria was a little surprised. Molly said, “The cost of a tiger like this is at least nine figures. If you don’t pay for it, do you expect me to give it to you?” Xandria’s face turned pale. She was shocked by this figure. She looked down at the expensive tiger and instantly did not dare to touch it. “We’re all relatives. Can’t it be cheaper?” Xandria muttered. Everyone present looked shocked when they heard this. ‘How can she even say that?!’ Nicole felt speechless. ‘How can I have such relatives?’ Julie lowered her head and drank her coffee without speaking. Nicole looked away and pretended not to know Xandria. Molly blinked. “Huh? I don’t work at a farmer’s market, so you can’t bargain with me.” Xandria lowered her head in disappointment just as Floyd came upstairs holding Lil Michael’s hand. “Lil N, Lil Michael was just playing outside. Take him to wash his hands…” Nicole stood up at the right time. “Okay!” Xandria did not let go of this opportunity. Even if she had no

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