The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 678 Impossible to Go Through the Back Door

Chapter 678 Impossible to Go Through the Back Door

Nicole laughed. “Tigger is our family treasure!” Molly raised her eyebrows and sighed helplessly. “I saw that you guys bought a scarf worth tens of thousands of dollars for it and that watch has to be millions, right? Tsk, tsk… this little traitor only resents the poor and loves the rich!” Friendship among women came very suddenly. After that manipulative b*tch Xandria made such a scene, Julie and Molly naturally got a lot closer to each other. The sky gradually dimmed, but the entire Stanton Mansion was lit up and decorated to be extra lively and beautiful. Julie looked at the time and intended to video call someone. Nicole subconsciously swept a glance and saw Roman’s name, but no one answered. She called once again, but it was not answered. Julie’s face changed slightly. Nicole pursed her lips. “Maybe he’s busy…” Julie paused for a moment and smiled a little distractedly. “He doesn’t have a show at this hour. He should be in the hotel.” Kai coldly grunted as he peeled an a

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