The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 679 Someone Is Confessing

Chapter 679 Someone Is Confessing

Everyone exclaimed in shock. “OMG! Nicole, did you get back together with Eric?” “It’s too beautiful! Mr. Ferguson is so romantic!” “This fireworks show isn’t cheap. Mr. Ferguson is confessing his love to you again.” “Mr. Ferguson is so attentive!” A few younger girls looked on with envy and jealousy. “I wonder if Mr. Ferguson is coming. Nicole, say yes to him! This is so romantic…” ...... Kai looked at Nicole’s dull and cold face. He pursed his lips and could not help but protect Nicole. “What are you guys cooing about? Nicole already received such confessions so many times. How can he expect to coax my sister with such a small trick like this? Nicole has seen the world!” Kai’s disdain was like a bucket of cold water that was splashed on the heads of those that were cheering. To them, this scene was enough to move them to tears, but to Nicole, this was very common. The gap between them was too obvious. Julie laughed. “Yeah, didn’t we prepare fireworks, too? Mr. Anderson, h

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