The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 680 I’m Already Here

Chapter 680 I’m Already Here

The other end of the call was silent. Every second of listening to Nicole’s careless condemnation was tormenting for Eric. Although it had been such a long time, every word she said was like a knife that cut out his heart little by little. Eric was looking for every bit of pain at such a joyous and harmonious time. It was as if that would alleviate his guilt. When Nicole was impatient and wanted to hang up the phone, Eric suddenly spoke again. His voice was a little mute. “Nicole, I want to see you.” Nicole was speechless. “But I don’t want to see you!” “I’m at your door. Can you let me in?” Eric did not give Nicole the opportunity to refuse. He sat in the car and saw so many people in the courtyard under the snow. Fireworks rose in clusters and looked so beautiful and dazzling. That liveliness did not belong to him. Nicole paused in her footsteps and thought, ‘What day is it? Isn’t the Ferguson family busy with their own celebration?’ She pursed her lips. “I won’t open the

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