The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 681 Who Told You to Open the Gate?

Chapter 681 Who Told You to Open the Gate?

Floyd’s mouth twitched. The night was not over yet, but Eric was already giving his New Year greetings? However, Floyd could not just stand still, so he smiled. “Well, thank you. Grant, take Mr. Ferguson to have a seat inside…” Grant glanced at Eric and held out his hand. “This way, Mr. Ferguson…” Eric nodded. “Happy New Year, Big Brother.” The smile on Grant’s face froze as he frowned. “Mr. Ferguson is very sincere…” Then, Grant walked in by himself. Nicole came downstairs and naturally saw Eric. Her expression instantly soured. All the relatives looked at the visiting man in surprise. The young girls watched with hearts in their eyes, excited and in high spirits. Eric stood there, raising his eyes to see Nicole, and his smile finally became gentle from the bottom of his heart. “Happy New Year, Nicole…” Nicole pursed her lips. Her eyes were clear. “You’re very polite for giving us your New Year’s greeting so early, Mr. Ferguson. Forgive our poor hospitality.” Eric smiled.

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