The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 692 Wealthy Bachelorette

Chapter 692 Wealthy Bachelorette

Noah looked like the breakfast porridge was especially hard to swallow. For the first time, Nicole felt sympathy for this old man. He did not have hypertension, right? Floyd had the same expression. After wiping his mouth, Floyd smiled and uttered some long-prepared words of praise. Nicole and Kai were dumbfounded upon hearing him! Nicole thought to herself, ‘How scared is Dad that Molly won’t want Maverick?’ Grant simply took a tiny spoonful and refused to touch it again. Sure enough, the smartest person in the family was always Grant! Molly watched the family admire her cooking skills in satisfaction, especially Floyd, who made her feel extraordinarily satisfied. Maverick looked at his hypocritical family and ate the toast made by Kai with an expressionless face. Ever since he saw Molly put in salt instead of sugar, he felt that he could not let Molly cook anymore in the future. This meal was the first and last! After breakfast, everyone drank several glasses of water.

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