The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 693 Don’t Bring You Out to Play

Chapter 693 Don’t Bring You Out to Play

Some rich women and celebrities liked to wear large diamonds to show off their unique identities. It was as if the larger the diamond, the nobler they were. However, Nicole’s ring was just a one-carat diamond. It looked very inconspicuous, but it was delicate, dazzling, and radiant. On her hand, no one believed that it was a cheap product. Soon, the netizens used their strong detective skills and their keen eyes to discover the new product to be launched by Stanton Corporation: The Single! This diamond ring named “The Single” was specially designed and polished to the highest international standard. It had a price point that was acceptable to everyone but with an exquisite design. It looked low-key as it was mysteriously worn on Nicole’s hand. It attracted the intense interest of the netizens in an instant. [Woah. A CEO can wear jewelry that’s not on the market? I’m so envious!] [Only President Nicole could have such a simple and neat response. Long live the single gentry!] [

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