The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 695 Drugged His Wine

Chapter 695 Drugged His Wine

It was clear that the woman had just woken up, similar to the other woman at the door. She draped her arms over Roman’s shoulder ambiguously. “Roman, who is it?” Roman shuddered with fear and immediately pushed the woman away. “What’s wrong?” The woman asked. Roman’s face changed dramatically. “Get inside now…” He pursed his lips and was about to walk towards the door when the silent Julie spoke up. “Get dressed and go down to the lobby. We’ll wait for you there.” There was no emotion in her voice. However, Nicole felt that it was impossible for any woman to be too happy if she encountered something like this. Then, Julie turned and left. Nicole followed her. When she turned around, she saw Kai still standing there, looking at Roman inside with cold eyes. Julie borrowed the hotel’s office to print the documents. Less than ten minutes later, they waited downstairs for Roman. At that moment, Roman had changed into clean and tidy clothes, looking as well-groomed as he always d

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