The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 696 You’re On Your Own

Chapter 696 You’re On Your Own

Julie laughed and reminded Roman in a cool tone. “When I promoted you, you were just a newcomer as well. Without my recommendation, do you really think that you’re capable enough to walk on that runway?” She bluntly showed him the industry’s unspoken rules. If she could hold him up to the sky, she could also drop him like a hot potato. “Ability is certainly important, but when it comes to people like you who have the ability but are still struggling, you’re the only one who stands out from others. Roman, you’re the first newcomer who signed with my company. I said that I would spare no effort to help you, and I kept my word.” Julie smiled as her tone became cold. “However, from today onwards, you’re on your own…” At that point, she did not even want to say the words “let’s break up” to him. She simply gave up on him. She smiled and stood up, looking at Nicole. “Let’s go. I can’t let you come here for nothing. Let’s go shopping. I’ll pay for whatever you like!” Nicole got up wit

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