The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 702 Insignificant People

Chapter 702 Insignificant People

Logan turned and left. Nicole continued to read the proposal. Their investment direction could not be limited to one aspect, and Grant had already proposed to step into real estate again. Everyone knew that the real estate industry had not been prosperous in recent years. However, it was because it was not prosperous that some people would take risks and win. Thus, when Grant proposed this plan, Nicole was persuaded as well. The AI project had gradually stabilized and was unlikely to deviate from the track, so their energy could be shifted in other directions. In the afternoon. Grant and Nicole discussed the plan of giving the project team a “surprise attack”. Nicole wore a white shirt and a slim and slender fishtail skirt, outlining her thin waist and long, straight legs. She went to the project department in her high heels. She stood in the middle of her crowd, looking bright and noble. Even Grant walked behind her. Everyone in the project department knew who Nicole was. Sh

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