The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 703 A Complicated Choice

Chapter 703 A Complicated Choice

Nicole glanced at Logan. Her words could not compare to a group photo that Xandria took out. How ridiculous! “Ms. Xandria is still in her internship period. Whether she can stay or not is her problem, but if Mr. Cook wants to give up his position, we have no problem with that…” Jacob instantly went ashen. Nicole’s words clearly meant that she did not want to be Xandria’s backer. He sucked up to the wrong person! It was time to get down to business. Nicole walked over to sit on the sofa, reached out, and took the documents that Logan handed over. “To be honest, Stanton Corporation has been flourishing this year. We have project after project, but it seems none of them have anything to do with you.” The AI project was Nicole’s achievements, and the big projects were all a result of Grant’s operations. The rest were cooperation with brands under Stanton Corporation. In that case, what was the significance of the project team’s existence? Jacob looked at Grant in a panic, but Gra

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