The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 712 Quite Pugnacious

Chapter 712 Quite Pugnacious

After saying a few words, Nicole went upstairs to rest and felt pity for Maverick. Logan was very efficient. Nicole told Logan about a few things before going to bed last night. By the next day, all the materials of the company involved in the Sand City project were delivered to her desk. Nicole was a little surprised when she saw it. “You didn’t sleep all night?” Logan smiled. “This information isn’t difficult to get. It’s basically common knowledge for anyone in Sand City.” Nicole nodded, picked up her cup of coffee, and took a sip. When she flipped a page to take a look, she almost spat out her coffee. She thought that the reason this project lost money was because of some issues with the project. She did not expect it to be so rotten. The annual profit of Zico Company was always in the negative. They had hundreds of employees that took money from unemployment benefits to do the company’s dirty work. This rotten project became Zico Company’s only source of income. Due to var

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