The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 713 I Won’t Be Polite Anymore

Chapter 713 I Won’t Be Polite Anymore

There was silence for three seconds. Nicole also calmed down. “I know. I will be prepared. Thank you.” This word of thanks came from the heart. After that, she hung up the phone. The string on the bow was taut, so the arrow had to be shot. From the time Nicole decided to take this project, she had to take it head-on no matter what the difficulty was. Eric cursed under his breath. He was even more anxious. He turned to look at Mitchell. “Let’s go to Sand City.” Mitchell immediately understood. “Didn’t we talk to Mr. Lewis beforehand that we don’t have to contact those project people personally?” This was the advantage of a superior person like Eric Ferguson. If it could be solved with money, he would not get himself involved and put himself in a dangerous situation. Eric’s eyes were sunken and dark. “Nicole went. Send more people there to stay on guard.” Mitchell’s expression immediately became solemn. “Understood.” When Nicole went to Sand City, she made a beeline for Zico C

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