The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 719 Mr. Ferguson Blew Up

Chapter 719 Mr. Ferguson Blew Up

Logan knew what Nicole meant and nodded solemnly. “Understood. The situation earlier was too thrilling. Do you want to take a rest first? Or, do you want to go back to the office first? I can take care of the things here.” Nicole immediately refused. “No, I’m staying here. You should get Jacob Cook to handle things properly.” Logan knew of Nicole’s temper. Earlier when faced with such a dangerous situation, Nicole did not even frown, so she certainly would not run at this time. Thinking of this, Logan nodded and left. He then arranged for more people to covertly protect Nicole. Jacob was only given four hours and dared not dare to delay for a moment. He led some staff along with the third-party agency to the relevant departments to check the accounts. Once the accounts were almost sorted out, they were all alarmed to see those deficits. Thus, Jacob did not hesitate to call Nicole and report this situation. Nicole was drinking lemonade and doing yoga on the balcony. When she pick

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