Chapter 720 Leaked Secret

From the moment Eric entered the kitchen, Nicole was prepared for the worst. She thought that the worst that could happen would be tasting horrible food. However, the result was somewhat unexpected. Eric did not even make anything. Instead, he blew up the kitchen! The smoke rolled out and triggered the fire alarm. Eric did not look the slightest bit wretched. Even in this messy situation, he still looked noble and above everyone. However, his complexion was glum. He felt frustrated and angry for losing his reputation. Eric pursed his lips. The tip of his tongue was pressed against the roof of his mouth. His brows were cold and stiff as he grunted. His voice was slightly muffled from having inhaled some smoke. “There’s a problem with the tools.” After that, he pulled Nicole outside because the kitchen was nasty. Although nothing caught on fire and the smoke was caused by the oven burning, it reached a certain temperature and automatically short-circuited. The smoke triggered

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