Chapter 721 Fire Her

Eric was just about to find a laptop to plug in the flash drive when Nicole’s warm hand reached over and took it away. “Mr. Ferguson, this is mine.” Eric raised his eyebrows. “I was just wondering why your person gave this to me.” Nicole laughed and did not say anything. Of course, it was only because Xandria wanted to offer everything to Eric. “She’s blind. It won’t happen again.” Before Eric could ponder about what was wrong with Nicole’s tone, he watched as Nicole took out her phone. She called Logan directly. “Tell the HR department to fire Xandria now.” Logan did not ask any questions and dared not delay for a moment. He immediately did as he was told. From the beginning, Logan had a feeling that Xandria could not stay too long in Stanton Corporation. Xandria just walked out of the hotel lobby when she received a notice that she was dismissed and that she did not need to go back to the office again. Her name was completely removed from the company’s system. She panicke

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