Chapter 722 Late to Poach

Eric sat there feeling relaxed. His posture was somewhat carefree. “What do you plan to do next? When will you go back?” Nicole smiled meaningfully. “Soon. If it goes well, I can go back tomorrow morning.” If everything went smoothly, Hector Leach and Lincoln Zelman would be arrested. Then, she could return to her office and get Jacob Cook to stay back to handle the acquisition. Eric thought that he had talked some sense into her. His face turned gentle. “Don’t worry. It’s good that you’ve made it this far for your first try.” Next, it was time for him to deal with Mr. Lewis. Eric was not bothered to negotiate with Lincoln Zelman. To test Lincoln Zelman’s bottom line, they must exert pressure on him. This pressure must come from Mr. Lewis. The best way to deal with a rogue was to be more roguish than him. Eric was unlikely to pay Lincoln Zelman a lump sum. He wanted to change the situation drastically and had already arranged for everything. At this thought, Eric’s phone sudd

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