Chapter 723 Third Wheel

Nicole cheerfully finished her meal. When she saw Eric’s inability to eat, she was in a better mood. She took several millions of compensation money from him, so this meal was well worth it. Nicole was in a state of exaltation! Back at the hotel, Nicole started to pack her suitcase. She explained the rest of the matters to Jacob Cook and got on the plane home the next day. Everything was smooth sailing with Jacob probably because they had specially informed Mr. Lewis to help out when needed. After Lincoln Zelman was arrested, Zico Company’s affairs were officially handed over to the investigation team. As soon as the accounts were released, they started talking about the acquisition. Lincoln Zelman did not last very long and admitted everything after a few days of interrogation because the evidence was too overwhelming. Nicole purposely gave herself two days off, leaving all the company’s affairs to Grant. She made an appointment for a beauty treatment with Yvette. The two of t

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