The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 733 Creating Gossip

Chapter 733 Creating Gossip

Nicole smiled. “There may be gossip about me in the next two days. As long as it doesn’t affect our stocks, just let it be, okay?” Floyd frowned. “What do you mean by that?” Nicole thought about it and told Floyd about the Carter family’s situation. Floyd was silent for a while and sighed. “After Old Master Carter lost his favorite grandson, he had no interest in the company. It’s really pitiful. If there’s anything you guys can do to help, you mustn’t reject them.” Nicole and Kai nodded obediently. At Stanton Tower. As soon as Nicole got out of the car, she saw Ian, who was stopped at the front desk. He was big and tall and looked dapper in his suit. His charming eyes were glimmering. Ian looked completely different from yesterday’s wretchedness. Ian was an elegant and distinguished gentleman and really deserved to be recognized as a handsome man in the gentry circle. Ian held a large bouquet of flowers that looked very grand. The receptionist saw this and dared not let him i

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