The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 734 Are You Human?

Chapter 734 Are You Human?

Eric’s eyes were cold and stern. The gloom on his face was frightening. Eric no longer wanted to try to woo Nicole slowly. He just wanted to knock her out and keep her hidden. He clenched his fists. The veins between his eyebrows were faintly bulging. His eyes were sharp and deep, and his voice was coarse and cold. “Take it down! Or else, crush the platform.” Mitchell’s face was solemn. He immediately nodded. “Yes, sir…” Eric did not want to see such news. If Mitchell continued to stay in the room, he would just be provoking Eric and looking for his own death. In less than twenty minutes, this news vanished just as quickly as it appeared. Soon, the news of a showbiz couple cheating dominated the headlines and trending topics. Nicole and Ian’s news was nowhere to be seen. However, Nicole did not mind because those few hours of hype were enough for people’s imagination to run wild. This news did not affect Stanton Corporation’s stock, but Carter Corporation’s stock shot up bec

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