The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 735 A Woman With Money and Power

Chapter 735 A Woman With Money and Power

Nicole drove Kai’s Maserati in a high-profile and weaved through the city. She parked at the entrance of Carter Corporation and went upstairs smoothly without anyone stopping her. Nicole opened Ian’s office door to see a man and a woman, as well as Ian’s mother. She paused for a moment. Ian saw her and quickly pulled her over. “Lil N, why’d you just arrive? Didn’t we agree to go for dinner? I’ve reserved a table!” Nicole looked bewildered. ‘Did we? Weren’t we supposed to just go out together to let the reporter snap a photo of us on the streets? Now we have to eat dinner too?’ Ian winked at Nicole. The other woman sitting next to the man suddenly glared at Nicole indignantly. “Ian, you’re really with Nicole? You rejected me because you found a woman who’s even richer and more powerful than me?” Before Adeline Zabel was divorced, she would see and hear about Second Young Master Carter at every gentry circle gathering. Ian Carter was flirtatious and handsome and was many times be

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