The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 736 She Who Holds a Grudge

Chapter 736 She Who Holds a Grudge

Ian’s mother looked thinner. She probably did not eat or sleep well because of this matter. Speaking of this, Ian’s mother could not hold it back any longer and vented out all her anger. Adeline’s face turned red and was extremely ugly. Ian’s mother’s words were so harsh. She was just shy of writing her dislike for Adeline on her face. Terrence also could not stand it, then glared at Ian and his mother fiercely. He forced a stiff smile and pulled Adeline out of Ian’s office. He could force Ian to compromise, but he could not play any tricks in front of Nicole. Ian’s mother spat fiercely. Her eyes reddened afterward. She looked at Nicole and walked over. “Thanks, Nicole. Thank you so much for today. You and Ian…” Back when Ian was pursuing Nicole, Ian’s mother had gone to warn Nicole to stay away from her son. Now that she thought about it, she regretted it. In terms of status, looks, and character, Nicole could defeat all high-society ladies hands down. Why was she so pick

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