Chapter 73 Tigger

Nicole took down Molly Stewart’s phone number and came out of the lab holding the little tiger. Gerard Lichman was a little surprised that Nicole came out so quickly. Nicole smiled and held up the little tiger in her hand. “Molly gave it to me, can I take it away?” Gerard looked shocked for a moment, then smiled. “Of course, it’s her personal belongings and has nothing to do with the company. Since she gave it to you, you can take it away.” He walked over and touched the little tiger. “Goodbye Little Traitor, behave yourself…” “Hmph! I’m finally going home with the pretty lady!” Gerard laughed helplessly. “Let’s get going then. I’ll send you back.” When Nicole got home, Nicole wanted to have some bonding time with the little tiger, but her phone suddenly rang. She saw that it was a video call from her third brother, Kai. Since the tiger entered the apartment, it looked left and right like a curious baby. It saw the luxurious decor and expensive furniture and was in awe. It wagge

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