The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 74 New Lover and Ex-wife

Chapter 74 New Lover and Ex-wife

Nicole was looking down at her phone with a wide smile when she suddenly heard someone in the crowd shout, “Eric!” She subconsciously inclined her head to look in the direction of the voice. A familiar face came out from the exit, which made Nicole’s smile instantly stiffen. ‘Wendy Quade? What a coincidence!’ Eric Ferguson came to pick Wendy up with his assistant Mitchell. Wendy’s eyes turned red the moment she saw Eric. She could not help but run up and hug him. The pair’s entangled figures were particularly piercing to Nicole’s eyes. Nicole thought that she was over it, but her heart still could not help but throb with pain. There was an astringent and heavy feeling in her chest, and time seemed to freeze at that moment. Before Nicole came back to her senses, an arm wrapped around her shoulders from behind and pulled her into a tight embrace. When Nicole smelled this familiar scent, she instantly snapped back to her usual self. She pulled the large hand that covered her eyes and

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