Chapter 767 Hammer the Scumbag to Death

As they were talking, Clayton came into the ward and looked at Nicole with a smile. He spoke in a normal tone. “There’s an urgent meeting, so I have to go over…” Nicole nodded, said goodbye to Lil Michael, then returned the phone to Clayton. The moment the video call ended, Nicole saw a nice blue sky with white clouds as his wallpaper. It was very much in line with his character, pure and warm. Unlike other men’s phone screen, which was usually a sexy photo of a beautiful woman. This detail was really a plus point. Clayton took his phone and casually put it in his pocket. He looked at her fondly. “Next time, just let me know what you want me to bring the next time I come over.” He was happy to run errands for her. Nicole smiled. “Okay, I won’t be polite.” Clayton’s gaze was gentle as he looked at her. He suddenly reached out and could not resist touching her hair. He withdrew his hand just in time. He immediately turned around and left, afraid to see Nicole’s cold and detac

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