The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 768 Dirty Past Exposed

Chapter 768 Dirty Past Exposed

Such cases of scumbags being exposed online happened before. However, previous cases were about the adulterous man cheating with a mistress. There were money transfers, pictures, chat records, and all kinds of evidence. The netizens felt sympathy for the woman and banded together to hammer the scum to death. This woman’s complaint was completely far-fetched. There was no evidence or chat records, only a few blurry photos. Everything was just her own words. Somehow, this post managed to get on the trending topics. Nicole vaguely felt that something was wrong about it. This man’s body shape felt somewhat familiar. However, Nicole could not pinpoint exactly what was so familiar about the man. Kai laughed lightly and looked at the frowning Nicole. “Can you tell who it is?” Nicole threw the iPad aside and picked up the soup spoon to drink some soup. “It’s blurred, so how can I tell?” Kai could not help but laugh and looked at her meaningfully. “It’s Clayton Sloan.” Clang– The s

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