The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 783 Beautiful Bachelorette

Chapter 783 Beautiful Bachelorette

Before Eric could finish his words, he heard Kai’s voice gradually approaching. “Eric Ferguson, who let you in?” Kai did not care about Eric and outrightly showed his dislike for the man. He was quite sympathetic to Eric before, but he did not expect that the pitiful man would be so hateful. “Who allowed you to get so close to my sister?” Kai saw the way Eric leaned over Nicole like he was about to take advantage of her. No, never! Eric frowned and straightened up. Just then, Nicole pressed the button of her wheelchair and retreated, completely separating herself from him at a safe distance. Kai immediately ran over and glared at Eric warily. “Mr. Ferguson, you’re now the most unwelcome person in our family. Please leave immediately!” With Eric’s status, no one dared to talk to him like that. However, this person was Kai, Nicole’s third brother. Thus, Eric could only endure it with a stiff face. Eric pursed his lips. His face was taut as he looked at Nicole. Nicole smiled

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