The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 784 Fall From Grace

Chapter 784 Fall From Grace

If Ingrid could do such a dirty thing with money, what else could she not do in desperation? Dr. Know-It-All’s chat records and transfer records were attached. Moreover, he invited relevant personnel to investigate and swore that he did not lie or hide the truth. In short, Dr. Know-It-All expressed his remorse toward Nicole, apologized many times, and was grateful that Nicole did not hold him legally responsible. However, he decided to take the matter public for the sake of his conscience. At the same time, he was ashamed of himself for earning money through slandering others that went against his conscience. Dr. Know-It-All also announced that he would cancel his Twitter account number and would never activate it again. The key point was that he concluded his post by advising Ms. Ferguson to “do more good deeds and be careful of karma getting back at her”. Who else could this Ms. Ferguson be? There was only one Ms. Ferguson from the Ferguson family. In the beginning, Ingrid h

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