Chapter 785 Giant Baby

Ferguson Villa. Ingrid Ferguson never dreamed that Dr. Know-It-All, who had taken her money, would dare to betray her. Did that mean that all the good images Ingrid had created in front of Eric were ruined? Ingrid looked at the news online and was scared to death. She immediately contacted Dr. Know-It-All, but after two rings, his phone was turned off. Ingrid sent him a direct message and instructed him. [How much do you want? Delete what you sent!] Not long after, Dr. Know-It-All, whose real name was Shai, replied. [I don’t want your dirty money. I will never work against my conscience!] Ingrid was so furious that she slammed her phone. ‘What conscience does he have?! He clearly received more money from someone else!’ The butler downstairs came up and knocked on the door. Ingrid’s heart shuddered, but she still walked over calmly. The housekeeper had a complicated gaze as he sighed. “Miss, Mr. Ferguson called and asked you not to go out. He will be here soon.” Ingrid’s

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