The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 799 No Need to Visit

Chapter 799 No Need to Visit

Toto coughed heavily when he heard Clayton’s name. He then pressed the button that automatically pulled the curtain open. The sunlight outside the window was brilliant and blinding, which instantly shone into the car. Nicole subconsciously closed her eyes. The memories from before she slept flooded in her head. ‘Oh… This is Eric’s car…’ When she raised her head again, she saw Eric’s dark and sullen face. He seemed to be vaguely suppressing his anger as he looked deeply at her. Eric then simply opened the car door and got off. The people in the other cars also came down. They were from the Stanton family. Eric straightened his clothes and nodded slightly. “Big Brother…” The corners of Grant’s mouth twitched. Grant’s face was already glum to begin with because Nicole had run off to Sand City by herself without telling him. By the time Grant knew about it, it was already too late. When Grant was on the way to pick her up, he heard that she had been taken away by Eric. Not only

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