The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 800 Too Nourishing

Chapter 800 Too Nourishing

Nicole’s face became twisted. Her gaze was like dense needles that stabbed at Eric. She wanted to curse him. She also wanted to throw up! Grant was calm and snorted lightly. He ignored Eric and walked forward. He then deliberately interpreted Eric’s cheesy words in other ways. “He’s saying that you’re too fat and take up too much space…” Nicole reacted to it and could not help but break into a cursing fit. “Eric Ferguson, f*ck you!” Nicole felt like biting him. Saying that she had grown fat was the same as questioning a fashionista’s taste and doubting a woman’s self-control. Although Nicole had been living the good life these days and did not go to the gym to exercise, the people around her said that she had lost weight. ‘Eric F*ckerson! He’s not only annoying but also blind!’ Nicole thought. Eric did not hear Grant’s words, so he did not understand why Nicole suddenly scolded him. He was so indignant that he did not know what to say. He mustered up the courage to say such

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