The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 802 Your Grandfather Is Too Dark

Chapter 802 Your Grandfather Is Too Dark

Old Master Ferguson only dared to make some small moves within Ferguson Corporation, so Eric did not care about it at all. Eric knew that the Old Master would not dare to make a big deal out of it because if it reached the media, the image and prestige of Ferguson Corporation would be ruined. However, Eric fell for it because if the media found out, then as the President of Ferguson Corporation, he would not be able to step down. That was worth the headache for him. Toto was worried. What if Eric was removed from his position? “Mr. Ferguson, we should have prepared earlier. Isn’t Old Master Ferguson your grandfather? He’s too dark. How can he collude with outsiders to create trouble for you? Is he old and confused…?” Eric’s face was dark and sullen. He did not make a sound. Mitchell coughed heavily on the side, interrupting Toto’s insensitive words. “Chairman Ferguson is still the Chairman of Ferguson Corporation until he resigns,” Mitchell emphasized. Mitchell was always very c

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