The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 803 What’s in It for Me?

Chapter 803 What’s in It for Me?

Eric lifted his eyelids, unconcerned. He was silent and did not say anything, making Nathaniel anxious. Nathaniel and Eric were really not on the same level. After a pause, Nathaniel could not help but speak. “Great-grandpa has approached me and asked me to take your place. Uncle Eric, you’re in danger!” Mitchell stood there in silence and raised his eyebrows. Toto was so shocked that he could barely maintain his expression. ‘So direct?’ Eric calmly lowered his eyes without the slightest bit of surprise. “Then what?” Nathaniel’s face twitched. “Then…” Eric looked at Nathaniel. His eyes were dark. “Your father’s health isn’t great and can’t withstand pressure. You’re the only person that Grandpa can choose. You’re just a puppet, so what else do I need to worry about?” Nathaniel felt insulted. ‘I came here with such passion and sincerity! How could he treat me like this?!’ “Uncle Eric, you... You’re too condescending!” Eric pursed his lips. A hint of a smile emerged on his c

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