Chapter 80 Get Out

Logan paused, “President Stanton planned to clean them up after his return, but if you want to do it, I can get the stuff ready.” They already had the evidence and just needed to hand it over to the relevant departments, then Samantha Lindt would be dead meat. When the elevator door opened, the people passing by greeted Nicole amiably. Nicole smiled and responded to all of them, then returned to her office. She hooked her lips. “Check Samantha’s recent movements. I want her to grow a brain.” “She’s been getting close to some high-society ladies lately, and I heard that she will be attending a small gathering tonight.” Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Send the address to me later. I wanna join the fun.” “Yes, ma’am.” It was not difficult for Logan to find out about the gathering. Nicole looked at him and added, “You may leave if there’s nothing else. Tell my brother that I’ll clean them up.” “Sure.” Nicole sat down and called Dominic Young, whose rambunctious voice was extraordina

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