Chapter 81 Purposely Look For You

The sky gradually dimmed into a dark blue hue. The gloomy sky accompanied by the evening chill felt quite disconcerting. Nicole saw that it was almost time, so she went to the dressing room in her office where she had the latest collections of her favorite brands always available. She picked out a decent knee-length low-key luxury dress to change into, then paired it with a limited edition bag and beautiful stilettos. When Nicole arrived at the clubhouse, no one recognized her. Everyone was just chatting with the people they knew well. There was no theme to this gathering and looked like it was purely for these high-society ladies to pass the time. Nicole took a plate of hors d'oeuvres and ate it slowly. She sat in a corner and looked around. ‘There’s no sign of Samantha Lindt anywhere. Is she not coming?’ “Nicole?” The person in front of her looked at her in surprise. Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Carter? Why are you here?” “We’re truly destined to be together! It’s fate that bro

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