Chapter 82 Beat People up Personally

Samantha’s body stiffened. She then raised her head in shock and glared at Nicole angrily. Her voice was shrill and harsh. “Nicole! Are you crazy?” The two young ladies next to Samantha were also mad at Nicole and tried to stand up for Samantha. “Nicole, don’t you know where this is? Do you even deserve to be here?” “That’s right! You’re not welcome here! I’ll get the security guards to kick you out!” Nicole did not care for these two idiots and stared at Samantha coldly. “You didn’t think of this scenario when you slandered me?” Samantha was stubborn. “Who slandered you? Everyone knows what you did!” Nicole hooked her lips and pushed Samantha back to a wall with one hand. When Samantha tried to struggle, Nicole put one arm across her neck and said in an extremely cold voice, “Samantha Lindt, you should own up to your actions. I prepared a big return gift for you.” Samantha saw disdain in Nicole’s eyes. The corners of her lips trembled as she lowered her voice and said, “The re

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