Chapter 812 Take Advantage of One in Peril

Kai frowned. “I don’t think it’ll go to that point. Do you think that Eric Ferguson is a softy if Ferguson Corporation’s leadership can change so easily?” Floyd narrowed his eyes in anger. “How about we take advantage of them in peril and make them suffer a little?” It seemed that Floyd was really holding a grudge. Nicole laughed helplessly. “It’s not that easy. I think that Eric knows of Old Master Ferguson’s whereabouts like the back of his hand. He won’t be unprepared.” Grant, who kept silent, suddenly said, “That’s not necessarily true. If we strike, we might have a chance of winning.” Floyd looked at his eldest son with satisfaction. Sure enough, his eldest son was just like him, unlike Kai, who only knew to destroy his prestige. Nicole paused. “If it was before today, we can surely do that, but after today, I hope that Eric could win.” If Eric won, Old Master Ferguson would be exasperated. That way, she could get her revenge. Grant and Floyd looked at her with slight di

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