The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 813 Found in the Garbage

Chapter 813 Found in the Garbage

Nicole was a little surprised. “Borrow money?” Julie sighed and stroked her slightly wrinkled mask. “Roman owes a large sum of penalty fees, so he’s desperate and came to me to beg for help. I saw that he’s quite pitiful, so I gave him a sum of money. But he didn’t take this money to pay off the penalty and used it for cocaine. He’s just reckless and hopeless.” Nicole’s eyes widened in shock. “And then what?” Julie sneered. “When I found out, I called the police. He was locked up for a few days and asked me for money again when he got out.” Nicole clicked her tongue. “So, you’re hiding out here?” Julie muttered, “K insists on inviting me over to hide out a few days. That way, he won’t get distracted and do something crazy.” Nicole nodded approvingly. “You should just stay here. I’m not moving out anyway, so we can keep each other company!” Julie did not answer and sighed. “How did I find such vermin from the garbage in the first place? I’m really blind!” On the surface, Roman

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