The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 814 I’d Like to Meet Your Friends

Chapter 814 I’d Like to Meet Your Friends

Nicole subconsciously got into the car. Somehow, she felt a little uncomfortable being alone with Clayton. There were still various greeting messages that Clayton sent to her on her phone. Basically, he sent her more than a dozen messages a day, and she only replied to some of them when she had the time. Most of the time, Nicole ignored them. Clayton’s enthusiasm was too obvious. If Nicole rejected Clayton repeatedly, it would just hurt the relationship between the two of them. Not to mention, he saved her. Nicole owed him, but she did not want to dedicate herself to him as repayment. Fortunately, she was not so impulsive as to try to date him. She was so comfortable being alone. The new driver did not know why Nicole got out of the car and came back inside. Suddenly, he remembered his onboarding training by the butler saying that as a driver, he had to take the initiative to open the door for the Young Lady when she got off. He should never let her open the door to get on and

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