Chapter 815 Kicked Out

Nicole did not even notice this. She took the bag and led Clayton inside. While they walked, Nicole introduced the current situation of the entertainment circle to Clayton. “Although I don’t know too much about this circle, I heard that the authorities have set their eyes on the high pay for films here. So, some artists can’t raise their prices too high. They can either improve the quality of the film or use other channels to transfer the money to the artists. In short, this business is still risky.” Clayton nodded along. “I’ve also heard about this. A few famous stars previously have crashed and burned. Their persona collapsed and even implicated the films they were in to not be broadcasted. That’s why I’ve just been watching and waiting for the right moment.” Nicole forgot that Clayton was a real investor. If he was really interested in showbiz, he would have probably investigated it long ago. It seemed that the excuse he found earlier was still just an excuse after all. For a

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