Chapter 825 Too Fierce

Clayton’s words implied that he only bought this place to be closer to Nicole. Nicole was surprised for a moment, then naturally recovered her expression. “That apartment has been sold out. A few years back, it’s still relatively sought-after. My third brother bought it for me with his first film payment. But the good thing is that the surrounding area is located in a prosperous area. The Grand Manor is the only property in Atlanta that still maintained its high prices during the real estate downturn.” After all, properties here were only sold to the rich, so why would the rich be so calculative for that little price difference? Such a reputable investor like Clayton also bought it without even blinking an eye. At that thought, Nicole had full confidence in that project in Sand City. She wanted to drive up the real estate industry there. Clayton laughed and could not help but hold his forehead. ‘Did she misread the point?’ However, he gave her an appreciative look. “Ms. Stanton

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