The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 826 Leaked Footage

Chapter 826 Leaked Footage

Clayton smiled apologetically and went over to close the door to block Nicole’s view. “I didn’t want to give this on Michael’s behalf for fear that it’ll scare you, but Michael insisted on giving you a surprise…” Nicole’s face was pale. “It’s not a surprise…” She had to thank her youthfulness and good health for not having a heart attack. Clayton felt very sorry and went over to hug her gently. He then let go and pulled her wrist to the living room. “Argus, a glass of warm water, please.” Nicole seemed to be really shocked. Had he known, he would not have brought her over to see it. A cylindrical white robot butler about one and a half meters came over and handed the water to Nicole. “Dear, have some water…” ‘Uh… This address…’ Nicole raised her head. The white robot pretended to think about it and confirmed once again in a cute voice. “Yes, you’re Nicole Dearest. Have some water…” ‘It knows me?!’ Nicole thought. On the side, Clayton took the water and glanced at the robot

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