The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 827 Cowardly Moment

Chapter 827 Cowardly Moment

The superior and inferior relationship was immediately apparent in this short exchange. Nicole’s elegant and calm posture was so enchanting that people could not move their eyes. She was obviously just sitting there with a smile and did not say any words of warning, but she carried her own aura of superiority. Even people of such status as Keith Ludwig had to respectfully apologize when he said the wrong thing. Other people thought that Nicole was even more unattainable. When Keith found out that the video was leaked. He was so furious that he blocked everyone who forwarded this video. Keith’s reputation went down the drain. The sun was setting, and the night fell. The sky gradually dimmed with a layer of dark blue. The city lights lit up and dotted the place like a river of stars. Ferguson Corporation. Eric kept staring at the posts for one purpose only, which was to see if Nicole had any new developments. Colton White posted a video of Keith and Nicole. He even added a capt

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