The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 870 Exceedingly Fond of Her

Chapter 870 Exceedingly Fond of Her

Floyd coughed and got down to business. “Aida, you’ve known Grant for many years, and we trust your character, so no one in our family will object to you two being together.” Nicole nodded and Kai ate his dessert in silence. Aida straightened up, maintaining a gentle smile as she looked at Floyd. “Thank you, Uncle Floyd.” Floyd pursed his lips. “However, I remember that you’ve stayed abroad for several years, and your career is booming. If you get married, what are your plans for the future?” That was Floyd’s key question. He did not mention the past. No matter when Aida dumped Grant and how much she had hurt him, he could laugh it off. However, the future must be clearly stated. In the end, Grant was his firstborn son, so he cared about Grant the most. It was his first experience as a father, so he was afraid that Grant would go astray if he spoiled him too much. However, he was also afraid that Grant would be traumatized if he was too strict. In any case, he grew up with t

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