Chapter 871 Many Houses

Nicole said, “When I received invitations in the past, it was always Mitchell who contacted me. This time, it was just the person in charge.” That was also something she felt was off about. Just as she spoke, her phone rang. It was a message from Clayton. “I need a companion for Ferguson Corporation’s party tomorrow at noon. May I invite you?” Nicole raised her brows. Ferguson Corporation’s party invited Clayton as well? That was even more evidence that something was wrong. With Clayton’s status, he could certainly participate in any party in the upper-class circles. However, Eric had always been at odds with him, so how would he have taken the initiative to invite Clayton? Thinking about it, she replied, “Okay.” Since she had questions, she could just go there and find out. Nicole was looking forward to it now. Grant looked at her cunning smile and shook his head helplessly. “Looks like you’ve decided to go. Do you want me to accompany you?” Nicole paused. “No need. I’ve

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