The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 885 Tied by Destiny

Chapter 885 Tied by Destiny

Although the workplace had always clamored for gender equality, when it came to measuring room for improvement, everyone was still involuntarily biased to women. Eric was silent and did not speak. Asher said, “But I’m more optimistic about Ava. She handles things well, and she has already reached this point even though she’s only in her twenties. We can market her as a beautiful president striving for success. She might even be a living signboard for the Asian region!” Eric’s voice was cold. “Don’t think I don’t know how she climbed to this position. Her little tricks are no match for Nash’s real skills!” Asher stiffened. It was silent for a few seconds. Then, Asher’s lips involuntarily curled into a smile. “Is there a need to make such a fuss of social gatherings in the business world? You remind me of Annie… Oh, your ex-wife!” Eric froze and suddenly looked up, his eyes staring coldly at Asher. “Who are you talking about?” “Annie. I heard that she’s the President of Stanto

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