Chapter 886 I Have Troubles

Stanton Corporation. Nicole was much more relaxed after Grant came back. She was leisurely sipping coffee and reading documents in the office. When Nicole looked up at the clock and planned to go out for lunch, Logan came in. “President, Yuliana is here…” Nicole frowned and suddenly remembered that she had been involved with Yuliana’s incident with Andrew Zeno at the golf club. “Turn her away.” Logan nodded and was just about to leave when Yuliana pushed the door in sideways. Yuliana wore sunglasses and a scarf that covered her face tightly. It was as if she was afraid that people would not know that she was a public figure. Nicole frowned and looked at her coldly. “Call security…” She was not polite at all. Nicole helped Yuliana before, but the woman did not even thank her and had simply left. Now, Nicole did not want to care about whether Yuliana or Andrew was the child abuser and liar. It was none of her concern. Yuliana came in in a panic, took off her sunglasses, an

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