Chapter 891 Too Shallow

Clayton suddenly stood up. His face was glum from holding back. He did not lose his temper over such a trivial matter due to his good upbringing. “It’s fine. I’ll go to the washroom.” Clayton looked at Nicole as he spoke. Nicole nodded, and Clayton strode away with his long legs. Ava stood there guiltily. “I was too careless. How could I be so stupid? Nicole, your boyfriend won’t be mad at me, right?” Nicole slowly took a sip of the red wine. “He won’t.” ‘He’ll just hate you.’ Ava sat back in her seat, nervous and worried. “No, I have to go check if he needs help or not. Nicole, wait here…” Nicole raised her brows. Her smile deepened. “Sure…” She seemed to understand who Ava came here for. After a while, the waiter came up, blushing and hesitating to speak. “Ms. Stanton, I think your friend is being pestered by that woman. Are you sure you don’t want to go and have a look?” Nicole paused. Then, she stood up while holding the glass of wine. “Thank you. I’ll go look.” Even

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