Chapter 892 Who Sent You?

Ava looked up in surprise. The next second, Nicole poured the red wine she was holding on Ava’s delicate hair. The wine slowly dripped down onto Ava’s beautiful dress. Ava instantly felt wretched and sticky. Ava’s face paled as she let out a cry and took a step back. Then, she glared at Nicole. Nicole smiled and spoke with a cold and indifferent tone. “Since you know that he’s someone else’s boyfriend, who are you trying to hook up with? Does it feel good when you get a sense of accomplishment from challenging someone’s limit?” Ava’s face turned cold, and her charming look faded. There was just a strange emotion in her eyes. “Nicole, you… You’ve misunderstood. How would I intentionally hook up with your boyfriend? We’re classmates. I just…” Nicole’s gaze was cold and sullen. She impatiently interrupted Ava’s words. “Please do your homework before coming here. I was the only girl in my class. Where did you come from?” The atmosphere was instantly silent. Ava thought that wit

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