Chapter 893 Take Her Away

This was not a joke. If someone like Nicole did this, there were plenty of people who would take the rap for her. However, Ava’s whole life would be completely ruined! Ava looked at Clayton, who was standing to the side, for help. However, Clayton’s face was indifferent. He did not want to care at all and even had an indulgent attitude. Clayton was a gentleman, so he could not do anything to a woman. If not, this woman would already be leaving with a black and blue face. Seeing Nicole threaten Ava unscrupulously, Clayton felt very satisfied. Ava gritted her teeth. She had to save herself. “Cyndro International…” Ava was about to cry in fear. Nicole paused and narrowed her eyes coldly. “Eric Ferguson?” “N-No, I’m Mr. Ferguson’s subordinate, but he didn’t tell me to come. I’m from Cyndro International…” Ava wanted to continue explaining, but Nicole no longer had the patience to listen to her. Nicole grabbed Ava by the collar and walked back without regard for Ava’s image. Av

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